10 Ways to Cool Down Your Dog This Summer and Prevent Overheating

keep dogs cool in hot weather with cooling jackets, vests to prevent overheating

Need to cool down your dog? Preventing your dog from heat stroke on a hot summer day can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. Whether at home, traveling or out walking in the park, there are a wide variety of products that cool down your dog, keep them comfortable and prevent overheating.

Signs and symptoms your dog may be overheating:

  1. Excessive and heavy panting.
  2. Elevated heart rate and increased pulse.
  3. Excessive drooling.
  4. Dry pale gums and bright read tongue
  5. Weakness and/or staggering
  6. Vomiting
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Glassy looking eyes

Here’s what to do if you think your dog is overheating:

  1. Get your dog out of the heat and into a cooler place. Use a fan or air conditioner if available.
  2. Give them a drink of fresh water immediately. Not ice water.
  3. Pour cool water on your dog. Either wet them down with a towel, spray them with water, or place them in a bathtub of water to bring down their body temperature. Never use ice cold water.
  4. Massage your dog’s legs to get their blood circulation moving.
  5. Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible and have them treated for heat stroke and dehydration.

Here’s 10 awesome Amazon products to cool down your dog this summer:

1. Chillz Pressure Activated Pet Cooling Gel Pad – Price $49.99

chillz pet cooling pad to prevent overheating
**Promising Review** “I have 2 of these in medium for my Cavalier King Charles who’s really bothered by heat, even in Winter. I leave one in the fridge while he’s using the other one. They’re very sturdy especially when you consider how lightweight and slim they are. This is the second set I’ve purchased in 3 years because it seems the gel loses its ability to maintain a cool temperature. I’ve used several other brands that are more expensive and start to leak after 6 months or so. For what these pads do, the price is terrific and I think 18 months of constant use is a more than reasonable life span. Such a small price to pay to make my pup so happy!”

2. Portable Mini Air Conditioner with Quiet Cooling Fan – Price $32.99

portable air conditioner with fan for dogs

**Promising Review** “This little air conditioner is super cute and useful. The first day I got it, I just can’t wait to see how this mini thing can help me go through the hot weather. It is tiny, you just need to have couple packs of ice cube and put in water tank. The cool air will automatically flash on your face. It just feels great.

3. Dog’s Right! Cooling Collar for Dogs – Bandana¬† with 3 Ice Packs – Price $27.99

cooling collar bandana for dogs

**Promising Review** “So far so good! I have a french bulldog and they tend to over heat easily. I found him a little hot so I put this on him and it cooled him down within minutes. I love how it comes with 3 ice packs as well.

4. Elevated Cooling Dog Cot with Canopy Shade – $49.99

pawhut elevated pet cot with canopy shade

**Promising Review** “The best bed I could have bought my English bulldog. He loves it. It handles weight, my 14 year old kids get inside of it with my English bulldog and it hasn’t broke. He bites everything and this bed he has not been able to break. It’s lightweight so the dog drags it from one room to another. I originally bought it for outdoors but now it’s an indoor replacement to his crate. Very easy to put together. LOVE IT!

5. Cool Pup Dog Cooling Pet Towel – Price $6.99


**Promising Review** “With the hot weather I want my small dog to be comfortable and this scarf perfectly fills the bill. They hold the water and will not drip when you wring it out properly. They are wonderful for walking your dog or for sitting out when it is hot.

6. BINGPET Dog Cooling Jacket Evaporative Swamp Cooler Vest – Price $19.99

Bingpet dog cooling jacket vest prevents overheating

**Promising Review** “These vests are great! Keeps my small dogs cooler in the hot sun. I do keep a bottle of cold water with me to pour on the vest if it evaporates. But, seems to work fine. This isn’t a vest to put on and just keep your dog out all day – doesn’t work like that. They will still get hot – you have to pay attention to your animal. I take them for small walks every day and they wear the vests so it works for that. Also at night is is good for the reflective vest.

7. PETMAKER Ice Water Bowl – Stays Cool and Frosty for 8 Hours – Price $12.58


**Promising Review** “Works good and keeps water colder longer. It ended up being bigger than i thought, but our shih tzu still can drink out of it just fine.

8. LotFancy Dog Cooling Vest Jacket Swamp Cooler for Puppies and Kittens – Price $9.98

LotFancy cooling jacket vest for puppies and kittens

**Promising Review** “Awesome very nice got the small and it fit my 4-pound chihuahua I ordered the medium and large the large will be for my 15-inch Beagle retired champion at the dog shows these cost around $65 and they are a chamois you must keep them wet in a bag and I keep it in the fridge this is awesome for the price well done.”

9. Green Pet Shop Cooling Pet Mat/Pad – Patented Pressure-Activated Cool Gel Technology – Price 44.99

green pet shop cooling pad for dogs and cats

**Promising Review** “My Cairn Terrier immediately loved the Medium pad, which was incredible because he’s never enjoyed anything I’ve purchased for him (that he can’t eat). Upon noticing how quickly the Medium got cool and how HOT-AS-THE-BALLS-OF-THE-SUN it was outside, I thought I deserved my own place to chill. The XL doesn’t cool as throughly or quickly as the Medium, but it’s still comfy. My mom accidentally bought a similar product but different brand. Her dog won’t go near it; it’s weirdly squishy in a way that feels like it’s filled with sand. When he tried out “The Green Pet Shop” pad, he liked it. I’ve been recommending this product to strangers in the park, most of whom were not weird about me shouting product recommendations at them.

10. Freeze and Fetch Cooling Dog Chew Toy – Price $12.99

freeze and fetch frozen dog chew water toy

**Promising Review** “My 4 month old labradoodle puppy absolutely loves this bone! It keeps him occupied for a few minutes which is great! I will say that, he is a very determined puppy but has not yet had luck in getting the treat out of the middle. Maybe he will as he gets older.

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